Client: Tri-Community YMCA

Contact: Edward G. Keefe, Executive Director
43 Everett Street
Southbridge, MA 01550

Project Name:

New Millennium Capital Campaign

Project Goals:

To raise $2 million in capital funding


After conducting a feasibility study for the Tri-Community YMCA, FDA recommended a $2 million campaign. The subsequent campaign, led by FDA, successfully met its goal, allowing the YMCA to expand its building by 14,000 sq. ft., refurbish the child care program areas, and upgrade the Wellness Center.


Financial Development Agency conducted a "Fundraising Feasibility Study" for the YMCA. The results of the study clearly indicated that the YMCA had the capability to raise $1,800,000. Thanks to the professional guidance of FDA, during our New Millennium Capital Campaign, we not only met our goal of $1.8 million, we exceeded our goal and raised $2,000,000. I highly recommend Financial Development Agency.

-Edward G. Keefe, Executive Director, Tri-Community YMCA